"Let's put an end to all the war and hate my friends."

Deific Expressionism™

Out of the darkness, light… out of the ignorance, hope.

The purpose behind Deific Expressionism™ is to launch values conversations through a series of artworks presenting dialogues as open invitations unto inspiration. 

The goal? Lifting today's thoughts to a higher reality.

The journey of life… our journey within the miracle of life started out small. We entered terra firma with a gasp and a cry.

It took decades to grasp the distinctions… the black, the white, the differing shades of grey, but for most, we have now arrived.

The question is…
"Where do we go from here?"

Growing into our higher potential?
Infused in alignment with the Deific?
Unfolding as a more perfect model?

Is this what life is about?

Find your answers in expressions of inspiration

Deific Expressionism

published by Art with Values