21st Century Madonnas™

21st Century Madonnas™ is a multi-part 21st century art collection. It utilizes a Transpersonal Art style to restate the centuries old iconology of Madonna and child imagery. Newly devised thematic material transposes this historical imagery unto a personal and spiritual 21st century perspective.

Presented as multi-image Suites & Impressions the series  presents, The Story of Life, a choreographed gallery tour traversing the history of human development from the birth of hope (seed of faith) to the fusion and ascension of spirit. Subjects as diverse as the origin of inspiration to how the celestial world interacts with our terrestrial world are defined in a series of thought provoking images enhanced with original music and multimedia.

Q. & A.'s offer a unique in-depth look at the concepts behind each image in this one-of-a-kind gallery tour.

From Emerald Madonna- Contemporary Vision to Enshrouded Madonna, from Celestial Madonna- Interior Motives to Eternal Madonna- In Gold, each work advances a deciphering of the key elements behind the mysteries surrounding life and spirit.

21st Century Madonnas™ / The Story of Life 

21st Century Madonnas™ / The Story of Life is a digital art collection and art show from The Pine Needle Man™ and Art with Values™.

This educational tour launches an in-depth conversation about the discovery and development of human potential. Presented as unique expressions of creativity from the artist, the tour encourages a fuller understanding of the concepts underpinning a very personal and spiritual journey.

Be awakened. Be inspired. Experience the art, music, and literature of The Pine Needle Man™. 21st Century Madonnas™/The Story of Life, coming soon in 3D for iPad, iPhones, and computers.

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