365 Lyrics™ / Songart™

365 Lyrics™ / Songart™

365 Lyrics™ and Songart™ both begin with music.
Original art images created for the various lyrical themes sourced from the The Pine Needle Man™ original music library present a 365 day lyrical journey. This unique 12 volume series presents art, music, and literature for 365 days of the year.

The first 365 Lyrics™ volume contains 30 artworks with original music performances on grand piano and vocal/music variations complimenting the daily themes.

Songart™ performances are original musical performances coupled with art. Own your own original from The Pine Needle Man™ for a valuable art and music collector's item. Limited opportunities to meet the artist on a personal level are also available.

Open for bookings in 2017.

The 365 Lyrics™/Songart™ Collection impressions are available in multiple sizes and price points. Open Editions in three sizes are also available through our affiliate Art with Values™ dealers and online store,.

Find out more about Songart™ limited editions and originals by contacting: